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Here is a new video of an original featured on BWA. Directed by the amazing Dara Nabati, it’s been a long journey to put it together with a dedicated team. Ralph Lavital & Laurent Coq PLAYDATE (written by L.Coq) Ralph Lavital – GuitarLaurent Coq – Fender RhodesSwaéli Mbappé – Electric BassTilo Bertholo – Drums Direction, storyboard, animatic, compositing Dara Nabati Design, layout Raoul Desmarest Valérie Galchynska Dara Nabati Animation Raoul Desmarest Additional animation Patrick Alfred Clean Valérie Galchynska Thibaut LuroisLire la suite…Playdate


Three vids were posted by Tropiques Atrium, the main venue in Martinique (French West Indies). They show some of the work we conducted with more than two hundred music students and their teachers around Fort-de-France these past two years with long time associate guitarist Ralph Lavital. The idea was to bring together young students that usually never meet due to the fact that they are from different schools, classes and ages. Ralph and I, we wrote a repertoire that isLire la suite…Caramboles

Turn The Sun To Green

Guilhem Flouzat just released a book of songs that he wrote between New York — a city he left — and Paris — a city he came back to. His music and his words gracefully tell the changes in the life of a man entering his thirties. Once again he gave me his trust and allowed me to be part of the endeavor alongside three fantastic musicians ; Isabel Sörling, Ralph Lavital and Desmond White The album was released onLire la suite…Turn The Sun To Green

Solo at Barloyd’s on Bandcamp

The solo album recorded on June 14th, 2016 at Laurent Courthaliac’s appartement in Paris (alias Barloyd’s) is finally available on Bandcamp for streaming and purchase. It was initialy released on Jazz&People in a box set featuring eight other eminent French piano players ; Alain Jean-Marie, Pierre de Bethmann, Vincent Bourgeyx, Pierre Christophe, Fred Nardin, Manuel Rochman, and our host Laurent Courthaliac. Sound by Julien Bassères. Produced by Laurent Coq, Laurent Courthaliac and Vincent Bessières.

Collective Video [Co-Vid]

All concerts have been canceled as France enters it’s fifth week of confinement. With Ralph Lavital, we have put together a video of a new arrangement wrote for the occasion. It gathers some beautiful musicians from around the world. Among them, the amazing Miguel Zenón ! Hope this brings some fresh air to your quarantine.

Toshiko Oiwa

I saw Toshiko Oiwa dance for the first time with Bill T. Jones / Arnie Zane company’s Still / Here at la Maison des Arts, Creteil in 1995. Little did I know I would meet her a few years after at some friend’s diner in Paris. Soon we decided to work together and do an improvisation at La Chaufferie in Saint Denis (company DCA, Philippe Decouflé). Right from the start we settled on what would become our modus operandi ;Lire la suite…Toshiko Oiwa

Joe Martin

I met Joe Martin on September of 1994 when I first arrived in New York for a six months stay. He had just arrived himself from Kansas City and was sharing an appartement with French piano player Pierre Christophe and American saxophonist Joel Frahm. I slept on their couch for a couple of weeks before I found my own place, and I used to listen to him practice all day before seeing him take his bass to a gig inLire la suite…Joe Martin

Ralph Lavital & Laurent Coq – BWA

The new album I cosigned with my long time collaborator Ralph Lavital came out on March 1st of 2019, distributed by L’Autre Distribution. It presents a book of songs whose lyrics are mainly written in Creole (Martinique/French West Indies). Some are sung by Ralph himself while three others are sung by our old friend Nicolas Pelage (the singer on Dialogue). To form the rhythm section, we called two very active musicians on the Parisian scene ; Swaéli Mbappé on electricLire la suite…Ralph Lavital & Laurent Coq – BWA

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