BWA (with Ralph Lavital)

With Ralph Lavital, we put together a book of songs inspired equaly by jazz music from the 70’s and 80’s and Caribbean rhythms. After Dialogue and Carnaval, this is the third chapter of a fructuous collaboration that took us from Africa to the US where we played several times.

For this album, we called two very active young musicians of the parisian scene : bass player Swaéli Mbappé – son of legendary Etienne Mbappé – and from Martinique, drummer Tilo Bertholo. We also invited our longtime friend Nicolas Pélage to sing three tunes of that repertoire. On my end and for the first time, I only play Fender Rhodes.

Compositions by Ralph Lavital (3-4-7-10) and Laurent Coq (1-2-5-6-8-9).
Lyrics by Nicolas Pélage (2-6-10), Jann Beaudry (3-4) and Laurent Coq (1)
Recorded at Maison de Artistes, in Chamonix (France), on December 21st and 22nd, 2017 by Nicolas Falque.
Vocals recorded by Romain Cuoq in his Parisian studio.
Mix and Mastering by Dave Darlington on June 9, 2018 at Bass Hit Recording in New York.
Produced by Ralph Lavital and Laurent Coq

  • Ralph Lavital guitar and lead vocal
  • Laurent Coq Fender Rhodes and backing vocal
  • Swaéli Mbappé electric bass
  • Tilo Bertholo drums
  • special guest Nicolas Pélage lead vocal


Everything feels natural in this organic and singing BWA
Bruno Guermonprez – Jazz News

Splendid !
Jean-François Mondot – CHOC Jazz Magazine

This tandem of musicians combines grace in their melodies, flexibility in their grooves and sophistication in their harmonies, all within a creole landscape.
Eric Delhaye – Télérama

Melodic sources ready to splash, roots and fruits ready to be gathered… these clear and effective songs embody the third act, after Dialogue (2013) and Carnaval (2017), of a long partnership of playing and writing.
Lorraine Soliman – Politis

The adventure is new : an album recorded in december 2017 in the Alpes, mixed in New york in June 2018, released in March 2019. Yet the connivance between piano player Laurent Coq and guitar player and singer Ralph Lavital is nothing new, with several albums, bands, and concerts on three continents. 
Xavier Prevost – Jazz Magazine

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