Confidences has two meanings in the French dictionnary : the telling of a secret that concerns only the person who speaks, and an older meaning, of intimate trust. The latter flows between three musicians who gave their life to shared improvisation and the jazz tradition. Not fetishizing a given era, but placing themselves in a lineage that demands a ceaseless self-questioning and learning. The secrets of this album are not meant to be revealed, but felt, they are tributes that only the dedicatees will understand.

[…] This complex and generous album harbors the very same virtues, which make Laurent Coq a uniquely recognizable voice, both vulnerable and potent. He’s reached a stirring maturity, shared with his sidemen who keep getting better with age. It is our hope that with Confidences the tremendous worth of this pianist and composer will no longer remain a well kept secret.

Guilhem Flouzat
(from the album liner notes)

All tunes written by Laurent Coq, and published by Sacem/jazz&people.
Recorded at Recall Studios, Pompignan (France), July 25&26, 2023.
Tacking Engineer : Philippe Gaillot
Assistant : Marc Lalu
Mixing and mastering : Dave Darlington (NYC)
Produced by Laurent Coq

  • Laurent Coq piano
  • Yoni Zelnik acoustic bass
  • Fred Pasqua drums
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