Here is a new video of an original featured on BWA. Directed by the amazing Dara Nabati, it’s been a long journey to put it together with a dedicated team.

Ralph Lavital & Laurent Coq

    (written by L.Coq)

Ralph Lavital – Guitar
Laurent Coq – Fender Rhodes
Swaéli Mbappé – Electric Bass
Tilo Bertholo – Drums

  • Direction, storyboard, animatic, compositing
    Dara Nabati
  • Design, layout
    Raoul Desmarest
    Valérie Galchynska
    Dara Nabati
  • Animation
    Raoul Desmarest
  • Additional animation
    Patrick Alfred
  • Clean
    Valérie Galchynska
    Thibaut Lurois
    Raoul Desmarest
  • Tracking
    Nicolas Falque
  • Mix & Mastering
    Dave Darlington
  • Vidéo & editing
    Laurent Coq
    Dara Nabati
  • Produced by
    Laurent Coq &
    Ralph Lavital

A very special thank you to Fred Dupont for
letting us shoot at his beautiful home.

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