Laurent Coq is the type of musician that I am most drawn to, in that he has such a personal and rich vision that he has created his own musical world.

The music on his current release, Versatile, is so powerful, original, and simply beautiful that I find myself in admiration of what he has achieved. His playing is rich, subtle, and swinging, and each composition stakes out its own unique territory.

I would like to reflect on two aspects of Laurent Coq’s musicianship that infuse this wonderful recording: his fertile imagination – a faculty so often undervalued these days – and his exceptional skill at handling the subtleties of his craft.

When a musician has these elements working together, and has access to his emotional depths, great music can come to life, and it has on this recording.

Bruce Barth

All tracks written by Laurent Coq and published by Sacem, except (1) by Thelonious Monk and (10) by Donny Hathaway /Edward Howard. “Ask Me Now” arranged by Jean-Christophe Béney
Recorded at Sound On Sound NYC on 20th & 21rst Feb, live to two tracks
by David Baker/Assistant Zach Wind
Aristic Producer Bruce Barth
Mastering Katsuhiko Naito
Illustration Claudine Beigel / Graphic Design Cyril Mabeka.
Produced by Laurent Coq

  • Laurent Coq piano
  • Jean-Christophe Béney tenor saxophone
  • Jules Bikôkô bi Njami bass
  • Philippe Soirat drums


Everything here sounding so natural, one could easily miss a music so unspectacular. But giving a little more time, and one is hooked for some long hours.
4 stars, Franck Bergerot Jazzman, april 01

(…) you will soon find out that this is no-nonsense music, different from anything you may have heard before, played by four outstanding musicians who negotiate the most intricate segments of Laurent’s music with (of course) ease and skill…
Domi Truffandier The News, march 01

Hard worker, distinctive composer and determined piano player (…) Laurent Coq, very powerful, alternates silence and foolish lines, and tames the melody.
Matthieu Jouan, april 01

I dare anyone, on a blindfold test, to find out the French descent of this quartet! (..) May one enjoys all the resources of Coq’s playing. The harmonic inventions, the richness of approaches, either percussive or lyrical, the hands independence that allows a totally satisfying variety of touch. Coq is loaded with talent, and instead of wasting it in vain display of virtuosity, rather uses it with remarkable consistency, to the great benefit of the band’s dynamic.
Thierry Quenum Piano Magazine, may/june 01

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