Blowing Trio – Live@The Duc des Lombards

People think you’re blasé, through with surprise. And then, hitting you in the face, after eight hundred and forty weekly “Jazz Clubs”, comes this funny trio – one piano, two saxophones – that plays strong and originals works, elaborated inside and crunchy at the ear, and that gives you the will to go back to childhood and feel the urge to glutton some.

For this music seems to have the pure desire to say deep things without the drama, thorough and true, and probably as simple as life, love, peace, fresh water, blue sky, and the fear to lose them all.

Claude Carrière

All tunes written by Laurent Coq, and published by Sacem/Reflets. Recorded live to two tracks digital at the Duc des Lombards, Paris, June 8, 2001.
Engineer : Yvan Charby & Franck Malabry for Radio France / France Musiques.
Mastering: Alban Sautour
Produced by Laurent Coq

  • Laurent Coq piano
  • Olivier Zanot alto saxophone
  • David El Malek tenor saxophone



Kind of like the right concert, at the right moment, at the right place.

Jonathan Duclos-Arkilovitch Jazzman****, march 02

Innovating, delicate, this jazz of intelligences deserves more than just your attention: your support.

Matthieu Devert Jazz Magazine, CD d’emoi, april 02

(…) Laurent Coq is also a remarkable composer (…) who doesn’t leave much room for clichés.
Thierry Quenum Piano le Magazine

Originals compositions (…) are full of sweetness, maturity and loads of emotion.


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