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  Qui perd gagne !
Qui perd gagne !   Milles bornes   J'irais au paradis   Mauvais genre

I met with Laurent Bénégui in 1995, through actor/director Alain Beigel who is a long time friend, and for whom I wrote the music score of his first movie "Il y a des journées qui mériteraient qu'on leur casse la gueule", produced by... Laurent Bénégui. Later on, Laurent called me back to work on his movie Mauvais genre, and I teamed up with guitar player and composer Benjamin Raffaelli. We carried on with J'irai au paradis car l'enfer est ici by Xavier Durringer, and Mille bornes by Alain Beigel, two films produced by Laurent Bénégui. It was then quite natural that we meet again on Qui perd gagne !

For the past ten years we have known each other, and through all of these collaborations, we have built a genuine complicity that allows Laurent to be accurate with his demands, and as a result, very effective in his choices. The music on Qui perd gagne ! is the product of this intimacy.

Laurent Coq



Jacques is a professional gambler who is unwelcome in most casinos. Angèle is a cop, on charge of the Game Crew. They're having a secret affair, and so did they for several years. One day, Serge Vaudier, a low math teacher, wins tow times in a row at the national lottery, pretending he's found a trick. No one bets anymore, and the national lottery goes bankrupt. Police Intelligence only have a few days to confront him. Normally, no one can win tow times back to back without cheating. Angèle is forced to use a serial player. Someone who can enter Serge Vaudier's mind. That's when Jacques comes in...

French movie [2003] directed by Laurent Bénégui. Comedy. Length : 1h 32. Release date : June 23, 04
With Thierry Lhermitte, Elsa Zylberstein,
Samir Guesmi, Maurice Bénichou, Jean-Pierre Malo...
Production Magouric Productions / Co-production Gaumont / Partenaire TV M6 Films / Distribution GBVI
1. Loser Takes All
2. Tous les casinos du monde
3. 17. 7 millions et demi d'euros

Musique originale Laurent Coq / Orchestration Laurent Coq Vincent Artaud / Musicien copiste Guy-Paul Romby / Interpretée par le Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra - SIF 309/Chef d'orchestre Deyan Pavlov / Orchestra manager Elena Chouchkova / Organisation SIF 309 Film & Music Productions / Enregistré au Studio 1-Bulgarian National Radio/Harpe Stephane-France Leger / Enregistré au Studio Plus XXX.
Interpreté par Allen Hoist / Musique originale Laurent Coq / Paroles de Laurent Benegui / Adaptation Robert Conrath / Saxophones Dominique Mandin Olivier Zanot Thomas Savy David Sauzay Jean-Francois Deveze / Trombones Mickael Joussein Jerry Edwards Guy Figlionlos Lionel Segui / Trompettes Eric Poirier Claude Egea Fabien Mary Yoann Loustalot / Piano Florent Gac / Contrebasse Gilles Naturel / Batterie Andrea Michelutti / Enregistré au Studio Guillaume Tell / Enregistrements et mixages Bruno Fourrier / Opérateur Protools Matthieu Dallaporta / Mixé au Studio Plus XXX / Studio de la Scène /Mastering La Source