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  Mille bornes
Qui perd gagne !   Milles bornes   J'irais au paradis   Mauvais genre


Shocked by the sudden death of one of them, a friends group, five boys and a girl, gather at an apartment. There, through a video tape, there are being asked to honor his last will. To still his body at the mortuary, and take it to Venice..

Mille borne  
French movie [1998] directed by Alain Beigel. Comedy. Lenght : 1h 43. Release date :  April 21, 1999.
With Emma de Caunes, Pierre Berriau, Raphael Krepser, Bruno Solo, Nicolas Abraham...
Production Gaumont France M6 Films Magouric Productions /Distribution Gaumont Buena Vista International (GBVI)
Composers Laurent Coq et Benjamin Raffaelli
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