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Movies are shot in Paris with digital cameras.
To view them, you must have the "QuickTime" plug-in installed
These footage are best seen with high speed connection.
The thing to share
Shot during the recording session of Laurent 's sixth album, the second with his Blowing trio. Directed by François Vivier for Cristal Records.
The Blowing Trio features Olivier Zanot on alto sax, David El-Malek on tenor sax and Laurent Coq on piano. Singer Laurence Allison is a special guest on two tracks.
8'27" | grand format [15Mo]
South Ferry
Shot at the Paris Jazz Festival on June 11th, 2005, by Vincent Sacripanti, Nicolas Coq, Arnaud Beigel and Lionel Smila. Edited by Vincent Sacripanti.
Laurent's trio features bass player Darryl Hall and drummer Otis Brown III (Spinnin').
7'53" | Small size [9,4Mo] Big size [18,3Mo]
Sweet Sounds Of Summer
Shot at the Duc des Lombards on Oct. 10, 03, by Arnaud Beigel, Lionel Smila and Vincent Sacripanti, and edited by Vincent Sacripanti.
Laurent's quartet is the one from Like A Tree In The City and features Jérôme Sabbagh on tenor, Brandon Owens on bass and Damion Reid on drums.
5'00" | Small size [4Mo] Big size [7,9Mo]
Shot by Richard Bois, Arnaud Beigel and Vincent Sacripanti, and edited by Arnaud Beigel and Richard Bois.
The performance was recorded by Claude Carriere and Jean Delmas for their weekly radio show, and released on 02 : Laurent Coq Blowing Trio/Live@the Duc des Lombards, with David El-Malek on tenor and Olivier Zanot on alto.
5'45" | Small size [3,5Mo] Big size [6,7Mo]
Shot and edited by Arnaud Beigel.
The quartet was performing at the Sunset, and at the time featured Jean-Christophe Béney on tenor, Jules Bikoko bi Njami on bass and Philippe Soirat on drums, that is, the very same band that recorded Versatile.
9'38" | Small size [4,9Mo] Big size [9,3Mo]

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